(With a friend, walking on the street)

She: Why are you walking so fast, are Chinese people usually walking so fast? Why?

I:      Because we don’t have a car.

(On a birthday party with an American friend)

He: Nice party, huh?

I:    It’s really nice — my first birthday party in US, actually.

He: Do people in China usually have birthday parties?

I:     Not too many, once a year.

He:  …… LOL……..

(In a restaurant, with a friend)

He: How’s the food?

I:     It’s good, but you know what, I will take it home.

He: Why?

I:     I am gonna do some reverse engineering and figure out how to cook that.

He:  Emmm, well. (turn to the waiter). What’s the Term of Use of this dish?

(All people in that restaurant looked at us, as we were not from this planet)