[In response to this. Satire, proceed with caution]

I am a loser in color

Yes, I am a loser, by all means. In the first place, I am not white, and this kills me. As I’ve said, I am a loser. According to the definition of loser in Asian girls’ dictionaries, if you are not white, you’ve already been punished by ___ (fill this blank with Buddha, Jesus Christ, OMG, Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc., as long as you believe them) because you are a loser. So, you see, I am a loser in religionary view.


I am a loser in the real world**

But that is not the end. I am also a loser in the real world. As a research assistant, I get about 1.7k bucks per month, which is slightly better than working at Wal*Mart. I don’t have a car; I ride my skateboard or scooter to school everyday because gas is expensive. I live in an apartment with one roommate but no pets. I am not working at Google or Microsoft for 100k+ per year because I withdrew their offers. The best company I’ve ever worked in is SIEMENS–a stupid German company, as an intern. I am a Ph.D. student of Washington University, which is far worse than Harvard, Yale, Stanford or MIT. Asian girls won’t like me at this point for my Forrest Gump’s IQ or even can’t enter a university better than George W. Bush.


I am a loser in bodybuilding**

I am 5’7, while all white guys here, according to Asian girls’ descriptions, are 6’+. Milk with Calcium and Vitamin D turns out to be not so that helpful. According to Asian girls research data, all white dudes here have “hard drivers” larger than 200GB, while I was cheated by Bill Gates and thought 640k is enough. The white dudes obviously are running Linux with a quite long uptime, while my PC (personal something) has to reboot every 30 minutes maybe. I am a loser in bodybuilding.

I am a loser in language

It’s definitely true. I know tons of Tang Poetry, but it’s out-of-date. The only language, which can be used to date Asian girls, is English. As you can see, “vous êtes belle!” doesn’t work for Asian girls. Sometimes you call them and say HAI, I CAN HAZ A DATE WITH YOU? KTHBYE. And they will point out your grammatical error. Asian girls are all kindly teachers and a grammar error will totally ruin your date. I have to admit that my English ARE BELONGS to inferiority and am afraid to give them a call with my poor English. While I am officially a loser in language, Asian girls also have more than one million choices available, which are of course, US men from 18 to 80. This won’t change until I get a green card, which states I am a permanent resident, and therefore certifies I am not a loser in language anymore.


I am a loser in bridging the culture gap**

Wait, do I really have culture gaps with Asian girls? Yes, I do. There is a saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Here we have to replace Rome to America. Therefore, I have to act as American. I am a Pastafarian, read LOLcat bible, while general American is Christian and read Holy Bible. I am family-centric and Americans prefer NSA (w/wo condom). I hang on digg/slashdot everyday (yes, I am a geek) while Americans have party everyday. Asian girls, in the other hand, expect their significant others, to be conservative American style. I am liberal and will definitely go to hell after death, and I know I can’t bridge the culture gap.

In conclusion, I am a loser in everything. Now you can see the reasons why Asian girls don’t like me. Asian girls, “leave me alone” :)