I was talking to a geeky American girl via AIM.

Me: I once asked the God to offer me a girl.

She: Offer: command not found.

Me: sudo offer me a girl.

She: Password:_

Me: shutdown -h now.


She: Wanna catch a movie? 2:00pm – 4:00pm, “3:10 to Yuma”.

Me: Nice, but I have an appointment at 3:00, no time slot available…

She: Freaking stupid segmentation fault. How can you have an appointment at 3:00pm?

Me: Nice equivoque. I should kill dash nine my cron


Me: It’s raining cats and dogs outside, any luck to stop it?

She: We are raining dinosaurs here. They should be dead million years ago.

Me: So, do you want to go out and kill them? you are not an environmentalist, right?

She: No, just beam them up.

Me: Captain Scotty is absent.


Warning: this post contains some inner jokes about Linux, Star Trek and LOL_Cat.

No Animals Were Hurt Writing This Post


实在忍不住了,  再补两个和微软有关的搞笑的.

1. They only Microsoft product that doesn’t suck is the vacuum cleaner

  1. 我觉得微软还是有可取之处的, 提醒大家要有安全意识