A short while after I posted “Why Asian girl in US doesn’t want to date me “, Niniane visited my blog and said, ·

This was pretty funny. If you are a slashdot/digg geek, shouldn’t you be running linux? Instead of a PC with 640k memory.

I must agree that LOLcats would not work on girls. The grammar is not funny! You should instead use AllYourBase.”

First, thank Niniane for visiting and leaving very helpful suggestions. According to her suggestions, I refined some sentences here:

I am running Debian sid (unstable) on my grandma’s Pentium 66MHz + 128M which is buggy so I have to reboot X after 30 minutes, while they are running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Time Support) on Core Duo + 4GB.

And next time if I want to date an Asian girl, I should say:

How are you young lady!!

All your base are belong to me.

You are on the way to our dating.

I guess it works, at least for Niniane. LOL.