Thanks to Google, now I finally have a “GPS” in my palm device now.

This news was just reported via Google Official Blog. You can access [Do not click it here, it is not a link, you should access it via you palm device] to download the palm program. I’ve tried, it is excellent.

In fact I’ve tried in my TX before, but it will always provide a static map, and I must use broswer. Now thank to google, finally I “seem” to have a GPS device. En, I will try to buy a cheaper car, as I am now having the digital map indeed :)

NOTICE: Do not operate while driving. This is indeed a very serious caution :)

Google 又发布了一个令人激动的产品: Palm上的Map. 现在我只要随身带着Palm, 就好比有一个随车的电子地图了. (要是能缓存一部分地图就更好了, 省得老是上网也麻烦). 一般老外用的是Treo, 可以随时GPRS的, 我的是TX, 要WLAN, 所以要能缓存就好了.

现在我可以考虑买一个便宜一点的车了, 有了这个玩意, 不管多便宜的车都很酷不是么?

PS: 友情提醒 驾车时切勿使用, 容易出意外.